ORBIT Lab gave out awards to technical and creative projects at The Orbies

February 21st, ORBIT Lab gathered more than 100 students, staff and representatives from the industry for the award ceremony event The Orbies. Here, engineering students presented their projects from the past semester, and a panel of judges from the industry awarded Orbie statuettes to the best projects.

Best Pitch: Aarhus Harbour Bath – Rasmus Hemmingsen, Nicklas Nielsen and Anders Meidahl

At the recently opened Harbour Bath in Aarhus, a maximum of 650 visitors are allowed. To prevent visitor overload, the Municipality of Aarhus have placed four security guards near the entrances. These guards are responsible for keeping count of visitors. As this presents obvious challenges, the Municipality has requested an IoT solution to replace the current system. The goal is to create a solution where a camera is installed at each entrance of the Harbour Bath. These cameras – each equipped with a PIR and Ultrasound sensor to validate the movement – will count visitors entering and leaving. Furthermore, the system boasts temperature and lux sensors and lux sensors – based on which predictions can be made about how full the facility may be at any given time. To improve the system, and to ensure that people will not leave their homes to visit the Aarhus Harbor Bath in vain, a website will show the number of current visitors.

Best Video: pUber – Kasper Svendsen and Frederik Winther

pUber is a platform where users can find restrooms that are available nearby. The restrooms discovered with pUber, are restrooms that are provided by other pUber users. Anyone who owns a toilet can sign up and share their restroom experience with the the pUber Community.

Best Demo: Card2Phone – Jakob Halskov Stevnsner and Nanna Friis

The Card2Phone app is a magic app that creates the illusion of an object appearing inside your phone. The object either reacts gravity when tilting the phone or follows your finger if you touch it through the display. Finally, the object can be pulled or shaken out into reality. The app is intended to be used by magicians in their tricks and by regular people, who like to show a fun trick at a party. For this reason, the app also includes an app guide with text and video that shows how to do simple tricks with Card2Phone.

Best Startup Potential: Scavenger Hunt –  Tobias Henriksen, Jacob Kurzhals and Luise Sørensen

Games are fun. Most remember doing scavenger hunts with friends or at events and parties. But the hassle of setting up a scavenger hunt can be daunting. First one must figure out which items to find, if these should be brought back, print lists, make sure the items are available and much more. Simply put, the Scavenger Hunt game app for android is scavenger hunts, simplified and accessible. The game uses location tracking to show you nearby hunts to participate in, as well as the ability to make your own for you and your friends to compete in. Although, the hunts are not limited to only you and your friends. Anyone with the app installed can participate in the hunt, on their own, to try and beat the times that other players have set. Every hunt will have a difficulty level and a list of objects to find. This list can vary from playthrough to playthrough, as it is not always all the items in the list but sometimes it is a randomized list of items. The users will be able to add their friends to a friend list on the app, see their own statistics, complete achievements and win trophies.

Audience Award: Improving Access to Humanitarian and Environmental Initiatives (HelpTogether) – Nikolai Topping and Anders Knudsen

The project leverages modern and exciting technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, .NET Core and Angular, to create an easily scalable web platform where organizations can list initiatives, and volunteers can either find them through a manual search or through an automated matching process.

Best Overall Project: Aarhus Habour Bath – Anders Meidahl, Nicklas Nielsen and Rasmus Hemmingsen

The Aarhus Harbour Bath project also won the Best Overall Project award. See description above.

Community Contributor: Jacob Aagaard

Jacob has been one of the main drivers for community-based events in ORBIT Lab for the past semester. He is also a regular attendant at tech talks, workshops and other events taking place in ORBIT Lab. For that reason, the ORBIT Lab team decided to award him the Community Contributor Award.

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