6. semesterprojekt showcase event

På dette event kan du opleve tre EE-projekter, når de afslutter deres 6. semesterprojekter med en præsentation.


Tech hub and community

ORBIT is a tech hub and community for students, startups, tech companies and organizations, teachers and researchers. What connects us is our shared passion for technology. Together, we learn, explore, share ideas and get hands-on experience with digital and emerging technologies.


We attempt to combine domain knowledge and business insights with science and technology to power interdisciplinary R&D projects. AU students and staff members get access to a wide range of facilities, such as maker spaces, VR lab, media lab, workspaces and incubators for early-stage tech startup ideas.

Partners and collaborators

We have a strong network of partners and collaborators from leading tech companies, organizations, startups and scaleups who support us with knowledge, equipment and insights. Their perspectives are valuable to students and other community members who benefit from collaborating, networking and learning from people who work with ground-breaking technologies in their daily lives.

Free events

Together with our partners and collaborators, we host a number of tech and entrepreneurship-focused events, such as workshops, tech talks, hackathons, coding competitions etc. Our events are open to everyone. 


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Rune Heick

Hardware & Software Engineer


Litte Dalsgaard

Community Manager


Søren Møller Dath

Technical Lab Manager


Nichlaes Hytting Sørensen

 Software Engineer


Henrik Bitsch Kirk

Associate Professor


Søren Hansen

Associate Professor


Jakob Daell Leineweber

Lab Assistant


Founding Partners