Nominate projects

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As a student, you can submit your own project or a project your fellow students have worked on, that you think deserves a nomination. Staff can also submit projects from the past semester that deserve nominations. Please provide as many details as possible below. You can submit as many projects as you like.

Which projects can be nominated?

You can nominate projects from the past semester that made a special impression on you. Projects that stood out for example due to their creative approach to technologies or their great ways of solving problems with technology. Typically, nominees come from engineering study programmes such as ICT, E, Health Tech or EE as well as computer science study programmes. However, in theory, projects from most study programmes could be nominated if they incorporate tech aspects.

Contestants may choose to present their projects in the form of a pitch, a demo or a video – or a combination of two, or even all three to increase chances of winning.

Deadline to nominate projects: Friday, January 24th 2020.