Embracing the next Industrial Revolution – October 3rd, 2019

The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0, entails a mix of lofty concepts and flashy technologies, such as Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Big Data, and Cloud – often more confusing than illuminating to manufacturers. However, behind the buzzword bingo lies a range of real-world applications that will both optimize production methods and increase profits as well as offer exciting opportunities for current and future potential employees.

Danish manufacturers are struggling to use the data they already have and gather new data through sensors to become data-driven or data native in their manufacturing process.

Many Danish students with the required skills are often not aware of the opportunities in the industrial sector. If the status quo remains with the highest salaries in the EU and to little use of data, Danish manufacturing stands to be replaced by competitors in low-cost countries such as Germany, Poland, China and other industrious nations.

Embracing the Next Industrial Revolution is an initiative formed by neurospace and ORBIT Lab to support the Danish manufacturing industry in their Industry 4.0 journey and to bring manufacturers together with technical students to create synergies. We hope to establish a network and a series of future events revolving around the importance of bringing the Danish manufacturing industry up to speed, and the importance of utilizing the knowledge which is already available through students and companies working within the field.

We encourage both representatives of Danish manufacturing companies and tech students to participate. Others with an interest in the field are of course welcome.


16.15: Doors open
16.30: Welcome by ORBIT Lab
16.40: Introduction to the 4th Industrial Revolution, neurospace
16.55: Bridging the gap: Bringing Industry 4.0 technologies to conservative industries, Consibio
17.10: Short break
17.20: Getting started on your data journey, neurospace
17.50: Case Study: Virtual Sensors for Insect Production – Estimating biological growth from sensor data in real-time, Consibio
18.20: Food, drinks and networking
19:00: Thank you for today

Who can participate?

This event is free and open to everyone. We hope to create a network and further meet-ups in the future for people with an interest in Industry 4.0 including the challenges and opportunities in the Danish manufacturing industry. We encourage both representatives of Danish manufacturing companies and tech students to participate. Others with an interest in the field are of course welcome.


This event will be in English.


Aarhus University School of Engineering, Shannon Building, Finlandsgade 24A, Aarhus N


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