Imagine social distancing being the new reality for a while to come. None of us want to face it –  nevertheless, it is a possible scenario. If social distancing is the new normal and we are not able to gather in groups for a longer period of time, could Virtual Reality (as well as Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality) play a part?

During the lockdown, otherwise slowly emerging technologies have been developed and implemented at lightning speed. What is the state of VR? Is it still mainly suitable for industry or can we use to diminish social distancing? Can it enhance collaboration? Has the global pandemic in any way accelerated the maturity of this field? These are some of the questions we explore answers to in this VR Update. And to help us, we have some experts with us who work with VR from different perspectives on a daily basis.


16.15: Welcome, by ORBIT Lab
16.20: Talk 1: Synergy – an industry-ready platform for effective collaboration, by Sune Wolff
16.45: Talk 2: Virtual Conferences with Panda(mic) Avatars, by Tiare Feuchtner
17.10: Q&A and panel discussion
17.45: The end

Talk 1: Synergy – an industry-ready platform for effective collaboration

In this talk, Sune will provide a brief overview of Synergy – an industry-ready XR platform enabling effective collaboration across AR/VR/MR for HoloLens, VR, mobile and PC platforms. Examples from industry of the use of Synergy will be given to further validate the maturity of XR technologies in an industrial setting.

About Sune Wolff

Sune holds a PhD in Computer Science from Aarhus University and has 7+ years of experience in industrial applied research within the field of modelling and simulation of complex systems. He is currently CTO & Partner of Unity Studios – a development and consulting company of interactive 3D applications that primarily work with AR, VR and MR technologies. 

 Sune is currently leading the development of Synergy – a cross-platform xR SaaS solution, where the end-user can create their own xR experiences, and meet in virtual space to collaborate from any xR-enabled device (HoloLens, VR, mobile-AR, etc).

Talk 2: Virtual Conferences with Panda(mic) Avatars

In her talk, Tiare will share experiences from the first online IEEE VR conference, at which attendees could fly around a virtual conference center, present their work through cute Panda(mic) avatars, and socialize with their peers over virtual burgers and digital cocktails. One of her main take-aways: Virtual pandas can’t clap!

About Tiare Feuchtner

In her research, Tiare explores approaches for digital assistance through virtual and augmented reality at companies such as LEGO and Vestas, which are part of the Manufacturing Academy Denmark (MADE). As a computer scientist, her main interest lies in human-computer interaction (HCI) and she is fascinated by the opportunities and challenges for interactions in immersive virtual environments.

Tiare is currently a postdoctoral researcher at Aarhus University, where she also earned her PhD in computer science. She also holds a master’s degree in computer science from TU Berlin, and holds a bachelor’s degree in “Medieninformatik” from TU Wien.

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This event is free and open for everyone with an interest in the topic. 


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