Tech Startup Launchpad #6 – Getting off to a good start, February 18th, 2020

Tech Startup Launchpad – Getting off to a good start, February 18th, 2020

Join us for another round of Tech Startup Launchpad. This time, we will focus on some of the early-stage barriers that for some startups takes the fun out of starting a company.

This time, we have the pleasure of presenting Hans Henrik Bondegaard from Vilsgaard Advokater to help us do some myth-busting around what is important during the startup phase. Hans Henrik’s mission is to help startups get off to a good start by demystifying some of the potential barriers. In his experience, early-stage barriers can – if not handled correctly – have fatal consequences for a startup. He will share with us his insights on how to get off to a good start, and to put things in perspective, local tech startup Swap Language will share their startup story including the barriers they faced and how they overcame them.


16.15: Doors open

16.30: Startup-phase myth-busting, by Hans Henrik Bondegaard, Hejm Vilsgaard Advokater


17.15: Warstory from Swap Language, Nicklas Walsted, CEO

17.45: Q&A session

18.10: Open stage (do you have an idea to pitch that you want feedback on? Or hope to get people to join? The stage is yours), followed by networking. 


About Hans Henrik Bondegaard, Attorney and partner, Hejm Vilsgaard Advokater

Hans Henrik is an active stakeholder in the startup community and has a passion for startups, especially digital startups. He is a permanent advisor to a number of entrepreneurial groups and frequently delivers presentations about starting a company, corporate law, ownership agreements, investor agreements, etc. His passion for entrepreneurship has resulted in roles as a mentor and advisory board member for a number of startups.


About Nichlas Walsted, CEO, Swap Language

Nicholas is a passionate founder, with multiple startups behind him, currently leading a tech company that helps language learners learn directly from native speakers. Swap Language has 11.000 users and branches in 4 countries. It has an international DNA, which is why Nichlas is regularly pitching on the world’s most significant pitching stages – everywhere from Hong Kong to Toronto. Nichlas’ specialty is getting platforms to scale and growing communities in today’s challenging startup environment.

About Tech Startup Launchpad

Tech Startup Launchpad is an initiative in ORBIT Lab to support the local tech startup ecosystem and student entrepreneurship by getting students and startups together to share knowledge, skills and experiences. 

This will be the sixth in a series of events that focus on startup-relevant topics, local war stories, pitches and networking. It is a platform where you can get inspired, learn from the experiences of others and share your own, and potentially join a startup or find co-founders for your own idea.

In ORBIT Lab, we work with entrepreneurship from a tech perspective. Our goal with Tech Startup Launchpad is to facilitate synergies between tech students and the tech startup ecosystem. The Tech Startup Launchpad events are open for anyone with an interest in the tech startup ecosystem. 

For students, Tech Startup Launchpad is a chance to:

  • Get involved in the local startup ecosystem
  • Contribute with your ideas and technical expertise 
  • Get inspired to develop your own startup ideas
  • Potentially join a startup

For tech startups, Tech Startup Launchpad is a chance to:

  • Get valuable feedback from students and entrepreneurs of the ORBIT Lab Community
  • Potentially onboard new talent and skills 
  • Network with techy students and other tech startups
  • Refine your pitching skills

Who can participate?

This event is open for students and local tech startups and others with an interest in the local tech startup scene.


This event will be in English.


ORBIT Lab, room 132, Finlandsgade 28, 8200 Aarhus N.


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General questions may be addressed to Litte Dalsgaard, ORBIT Lab Community Manager: litte@ase.au.dk / 93 52 14 47.


This event is part of the EU project “Entreprenørskab i Uddannelserne” (Entrepreneurship in Education).