Tech Startup Launchpad – Pitch Guidelines


You should prepare a three-minute pitch about your startup and a couple of concrete questions/challenges for the audience that you would like some feedback on. Your questions could relate to technical challenges, business aspects, concept or other challenges that your startup currently faces. The audience may also ask questions.

For this Tech Startup Launchpad event, there are five “pitch slots” available for tech startups. We will continue this series of events regularly so if the slots are full, we will schedule you in for a future session. If you don’t get to pitch this time, you are of course still welcome to participate as audience.

Submit your pitch request.

If you have specific questions about pitching, you are welcome to contact Mia Louise Justesen, Student Entrepreneurship Program Manager: mlj@ase.au.dk / 20 76 61 89.

General questions may be addressed to Litte Dalsgaard, ORBIT Lab Community Manager: litte@ase.au.dk / 93 52 14 47.