Stefan Veis Pennerup, Keynote speaker, The Orbies, Summer 2019

Stefan Veis Pennerup – ML & Google Cloud Tech Lead, Trifork 

For this round of The Orbies, we have the distinct pleasure of welcoming Stefan Veis Pennerup from Trifork as Keynote Speaker. You are in for a treat, when Stefan takes the stage – both when it comes to content and delivery.

Keynote: Relating to Machine Learning

Machine Learning is still a black box in the eyes of many and it can be very hard to identify its potential pitfalls. But before falling down into a pit, how do you even get started? An approach could be to use one of the many Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) solutions, but are they any good? Wouldn’t it be better to create your own custom models from scratch?

In this Keynote, Stefan will address these questions and provide an overview of the most common pain points when working with Machine Learning. You will also be handed a good strategy for approaching your projects using MLaaS and open source tools.

Both people with a technical background and a more business-oriented background will be able to relate to and benefit from this Keynote.

Stefan will also be part of the Panel of Judges. The panel will be responsible for handing out Orbie statuettes in the categories Best Pitch, Best Video, Best Demo, Best Startup Potential and Best Overall Project.

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