Panel of judges, The Orbies Winter 2019

Bo Fristed, Head of ITK, City of Aarhus

Committed innovator with a technological twist …

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to be invited to the panel of judges at The Orbies 2019. I’m really looking forward to the presentations of – what I’m sure is – a fine line of highly interesting and innovative projects.”



Johan Abildskov, Continuous Delivery Consultant, Praqma

“I was happy to be asked to sit in the panel, as ORBIT Lab provides students with a unique opportunity that is not normally available to students. To create something and deliver it to real users providing value. If I can give some feedback and input to that, I feel blessed. I have been a happy participant at previous Orbies events. It is impressive what the teams can do, when they are neither constrained by enterprise rigidity, or a boring preconception of what is possible. I look forward to seeing real problems being solved in unique ways.”


Kasper Nissen, Cloud Architect, Lunar Way

“I think ORBIT Lab is an excellent offering for the students. An offering I myself would have been happy to be part of when I was a student at Aarhus School of Engineering. I have been involved in various innovation and hackathon events and it is always super cool to hear the possible outcome from working on one idea in a focused way. I remember how great it was to get feedback on my student projects from someone from the industry, so I would like to give back in that way.”


Michael Thomsen, Product Manager, Google

“I’m really excited about the opportunity to join the panel of judges at The Orbies. With a mixed background as both a startup founder and more than a decade at major international corporations, I look forward to evaluating projects on their technical merit, their business opportunity, and to which extent they challenge the existing solutions in the market.”


Nick Nielsen, IoT Requirement Specialist, Grundfos

“It is a privilege to be a judge at the Orbies, working in an industry that is changing as rapidly as the digital domain means that I am always looking at the newest technology and trends. Seeing the innovative use of technology from the students that have the courage to share their creations at the Orbies is truly inspiring.”


Sherry List, Azure Developer Technical Lead, Microsoft

 “I am delighted and honored to be invited to be a part of the panel of judges at The Orbies 2019. I am looking forward to meeting everyone, getting connected and hearing about your new and exciting ideas.”