Kubernetes 101, Cloud Native Aarhus Hack Night – March 28th, 2019


Are you new to Kubernetes and want to get started? Or maybe you have a cool project you want to hack on and get feedback on? Then this meetup is definitely for you.

In collaboration with the local Cloud Native Computing Foundation meetup group, ORBIT Lab will host a Kubernetes 101 workshop – the first in a string of events under the concept called Cloud Native Aarhus Hack Nights. The idea is to provide an environment where you – as a participant – can get up to speed on some of the technologies that are presented during our normal Cloud Native Aarhus meetups. But also, provide a space with more time for networking, discussions, feedback, and general help and learning from each other.

This first Cloud Native Aarhus Hack Night will feature 50 available seats and focus on Kubernetes. We start off with a short motivational talk by Henrik Høegh, along with a short introduction to the format, a short introduction to Kubernetes and workshops to play with.

16:30: Welcome to Cloud Native Aarhus
16:35: Mr. Panda’s Motivational Magic Show
16:45: Introduction to Kubernetes and workshops
17:15: Workshop and networking
18:00: Food (Sponsored by Lunar Way)
18:30: Workshop and networking
20:00: Thank you and goodbye

PLEASE NOTE: Only 70 seats available. In order to secure one of those seats, you have to sign up via the Meetup platform. UPDATE: All seats are full, however, you can put your name on the waiting list via Meetup. Usually, a few cancellations tick in the day before or on the day.