Building blockchains with hyperledger fabric – April 29th, 2019

The rise of Blockchain can mostly be contributed to the rise of cryptocurrencies and the promise of digital valuta, which can be “mined” by dedicating computing power. But over the last years, blockchain has shown that it can be used for more practical purposes, such as banking and supply chain management.

In this tech talk, IBM will introduce you to the blockchain technology behind Hyperledger Fabric and components in the framework, such as Certificate Authorities, Chaincode and applied algorithms – along with use cases. In the workshop part, we will look at how to build your own network and chaincode.


16.15: Doors open
16.30: Introduction to Hyperledger Fabric
17.15: Break
17.30: Workshop: Hyperledger Fabric and IBM Blockchain
18.15: Q&A session
18:30: Sandwiches and drinks courtesy of IBM, followed by networking


Jacob Hougaard Bsc. IT Product Development, Student Developer, IBM
Emil Andreas Reinert Bsc. International Economics and IT, Student Developer, IBM


This event is free and open for students, tech startups and others with an interest in blockchain and Hyperledger Fabric. There are only 30 seats available.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please download this guide and follow the instructions BEFORE coming to the workshop: Prerequisites_blockchain workshop


This event will be in English.


ORBIT Lab, room 132, Finlandsgade 28, 8200 Aarhus N.


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