App distribution and analytics 101 – April 25th, 2019

Every day, thousands of apps are being submitted to App Store and Google Play. Developing an app and bringing it to market is one thing – developing an app that people will continue to use is quite another.

In this tech talk, we will get both the technical perspective and the practical perspective with use cases. Lars and Rune from The Perfect App will present their solution for automated app distribution and user behavior analytics and show you how to measure your app’s performance and understand and analyze user behavior in order to build apps that people will download and continue to use. Kasper from Lunar Way will present real-life examples of app launches and key learning points.


16.15: Doors open
16.30: App distribution and analytics, Lars and Rune, TPA
17.15: Break
17.30: Practical examples of app distribution and key learning points, Kasper, Lunar Way
18.15: Joint Q&A session
18:30: Pizza, snacks and drinks courtesy of TPA and Lunar Way followed by networking



Lars Kringelbach
Lars holds a degree in Software Engineering from Aalborg University. He has been working with software projects for the last 17 years. During the last 8 years, Lars has been working with some of the biggest mobile apps in Denmark and is now the CEO of The Perfect App Ltd.

Rune Bysted
Rune holds a Ph.D. in Behavioural Economics from Aarhus University and has been working with designing digital solutions around the needs of users. He is an expert in constructing behavioral segments of users with specific needs and design business opportunities around tapping into these needs. Rune has been working within Business Intelligence, Data Science and Business Development for more than 5 years.

Kasper Munck
Kasper holds a degree in Software Engineering from Aarhus University and has a background as a frameworks engineer at Apple. He was the first iOS engineer at Lunar Way and took a key role in bringing the app to market and scaling it across multiple countries. Today, he is leading the iOS team with a mission to create the best product of the industry. The reason for creating a great product is to ship it to customers. Kasper shares insights into how distributing and releasing the Lunar Way app has evolved since its inception.


This event is free and open for students and tech startups with an interest in app distribution and analytics.


This event will be in English.


ORBIT Lab, room 132, Finlandsgade 28, 8200 Aarhus N.


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