Event proposals

Let’s plan ahead!

Every semester in ORBIT Lab, there’s a ton of exciting events for engineering students to attend. These events are created in collaboration with ORBIT Lab’s network of partners. Now is the time to start planning next semester’s tech events in ORBIT Lab. There’s also a few dates left for this semester.


Model for ORBIT Lab Partner events

ORBIT Lab Partners contribute to the ORBIT Lab Community by sharing their tech knowledge, for example by co-creating extra-curricular tech-centered events aimed at the ORBIT Lab Community and students on Katrinebjerg. This way, ORBIT Lab’s Partners take an active part in the student environment on Katrinebjerg, as well as improving the technical skills of our students (and potential future employees).

Below, you can see the overall procedure that we follow for each event in ORBIT Lab and where the responsibility lies for each step.

  • Partner: Finds a relevant topic for the event and fills in the event proposal form
  • ORBIT Lab: Returns to confirm the date
  • ORBIT Lab: Based on the input provided in the proposal form, ORBIT Lab provides a suggestion for event description and graphics
  • Partner: Adjusts and approves event description and graphics
  • ORBIT Lab: Sets up event landing page, sign-up forms, Facebook events etc.
  • Both: Marketing in connection with the event. ORBIT Lab distributes the event to relevant AU channels and social media. Partner company/organization helps market the event on relevant social media.
  • ORBIT Lab: Books event location for the event (depending on Scope either in ORBIT Lab, or in the Shannon Building, AU School of Engineering)
  • Partner: Orders refreshments for the event (e.g. food, drinks, snacks). Refreshments can be ordered directly to ORBIT Lab
  • ORBIT Lab: Sends out reminder email and instructions to participants prior to the event
  • ORBIT Lab: Handles practical aspects of the event: Receival of refreshments, preparation of the event location, cleaning up during and after the event etc.
  • ORBIT Lab: Takes pictures during the event and shares them with Partner company / organization
  • ORBIT Lab: Sends out follow-up email to participants, e.g. with relevant slides and links
  • Both: Follow-up social media posts/pictures after the event


How to submit your event proposals

You can submit your events proposals however you prefer. You can fill in this form, or contact Litte Dalsgaard, ORBIT Lab Community Manager: litte@ase.au.dk / 93 52 14 47. When you fill in an event proposal, please type in date suggestions based on the available dates below. Further down, you can also find a list of the overall areas of technology for inspiration to areas that the event topics could fall within.

We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the date.


Available dates for ORBIT Lab events (ss2019 and aw2019)

28/05/2019 Tuesday
19/09/2019 Thursday
26/09/2019 Thursday
02/10/2018 Tuesday
04/10/2018 Thursday
08/10/2019 Tuesday
10/10/2019 Thursday
22/10/2019 Tuesday
24/10/2019 Thursday
29/10/2019 Tuesday
31/10/2019 Thursday
05/11/2019 Tuesday
12/11/2019 Tuesday
14/11/2019 Thursday
19/11/2019 Tuesday
21/11/2019 Thursday
26/11/2019 Tuesday
28/11/2019 Thursday
03/12/2019 Tuesday
05/12/2019 Thursday


Potential topics for upcoming events

Here’s an overview of ORBIT Lab’s current tech focus areas. Topics for future events could fall within these categories. However, events can also be created around more general topics such as software engineering, methodologies, infrastructure, DevOps, Security etc.


– Mobile / wearable / IoT


– Cloud

Submit an event proposal.