Project proposals

Shortly, the students here at the Aarhus University School of Engineering will have to decide the topics for their projects in the upcoming semester. If you and your company have a project suitable for Engineering students in the ICT and E, Health Tech and EE programmes, you can submit them using the link below. If you have already submitted project proposals to AU School of Engineering, you don’t need to submit again.

When we have received the project proposals, we will package them nicely, present them to the groups in the ORBIT Lab Community and try to match groups and projects.

How to submit project proposals

You can submit your project proposals however you prefer. You can fill in this form, or send us a document with your project proposal – but please include the fields from the form and make sure to add a picture or an illustration for your project proposal. Click here to see a couple of examples from previous semesters.

Please reach out to people in your company to ask if anybody has a project proposal to submit.  You can submit as many proposals as you like.

If you have any questions in relation to project proposals, you are welcome to contact Litte Dalsgaard, ORBIT Lab Community Manager: litte@ase.au.dk / 93 52 14 47.

Submit project proposal