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Sometimes students end up spending their time unwisely because they don’t have the basic skills in place. As a consequence, many students tend to struggle with the basics rather than moving to the next level! 

But don’t worry! Henrik and Brian (also known as Associate Professor Kirk and soon-to-be Assistant Professor Danielsen) got your back! They will host a series of workshops designed to set you up with everything you need to achieve success with your code work. In other words – these workshops will help you unlock your true potential!

The workshops are designed as a series to give you all the tools you need for working successfully with software. Therefore, we encourage you to attend all four workshops – but if you are already an expert in some of the topics, you can skip those sessions. Please indicate in the registration form, which of the workshops you wish to attend.

Find slides and examples on the HYE GitHub.


Doors open at 16.00

#1: October 6th – Version control

This first time, we will learn how to use Git as a repository and how to use branches to integrate new features and fixes into our code. We will focus on how to supercharge collaboration within our projects. (past event)

#2: October 13th – Debugging

Being able to do efficient debugging, is something that goes beyond tools. We will demonstrate how to inspect code and how to understand output to identify errors and correct them.

#3: October 27th – Problem-solving and basic skills

This time will focus on problem-solving and basic skills. Here we will help you break down projects into small manageable tasks, helping you to spend your time wisely.

#4: November 10th – Scripting

Scripting can greatly improve workflows. Often, the time invested in writing a script will be paid back with interest, when manual work is automated and integrated into a pipeline. This moves the focus from running the code to making the code better.


The event takes place in the new ORBIT event space in the big “garage” behind Finlandsgade 20 – the big black building next to Edison. There will be signs to follow, but also check out this video and let Nichlaes show you the way.


These workshops will be held in English.

Prerequisites / Who can join?

This is not a programming course! We will use different languages and edit code in Visual Studio Code, but no prior knowledge is required. Complete code examples will be provided in multiple languages.

These workshops are designed for all students working with code – especially 1st–3rd-semester students. 4th–7th-semester students are also welcome. It is free to participate.


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