Code of Conduct: ORBIT Lab

Revised October 23rd, 2019


Inspired by Code of Conducts from other labs, Google and Major League Hacking

All guests and members must follow the Code of Conduct. Since we are a part of Aarhus University, all AU rules are still applicable.

  • Be excellent to each other. We are all here to learn and have a good time.
  • Be open-minded, positive, and approachable. Help others when you can, and others will want to help and teach you!
  • Harassment in any way, shape or form is not tolerated.
  • It is the responsibility of all members to help enforce the Code of Conduct – speak up if you hear or see something. Contact a staff member if there is an issue.
  • Always leave the space in better shape than you found it.
  • Do not use equipment that you are not confident using – ask for help! Some spaces require an introductory session before you are granted access.
  • Spaces in ORBIT Lab are generally available but can be booked for projects, events or other activities.
  • Planned events take priority over unscheduled events. Events are scheduled through an ORBIT Lab responsible.
  • Only staff, members or registered guests are allowed in the spaces outside normal opening hours.
  • Members are responsible for their guests.
  • Except for special events, preparing and consuming food is for the kitchen and open social area.
  • Snacks and drinks are permitted in the other lab spaces, but always be considerate – and clean up!
  • If in doubt – ask a staff member!


Welcome to ORBIT Lab!

We’re really glad you want to join and hope the experiences had here in this lab, will teach you something useful. This manual describes the basic rules and procedures you have to follow, in order to become (and keep on being) a member in ORBIT Lab.

Since the lab is only manned during office hours, and since you have 24-hour access, usage of the lab and devices requires you, and everyone else, to adhere to the rules described below. Please adhere to them – then we can keep giving people flexible access to the lab and the devices. Failure to comply will result in a warning. If you keep breaking rules, you will get banned from using the lab and the equipment.


General Code of Conduct at ORBIT Lab

When working in or around ORBIT Lab, treat your fellow students/ORBIT members excellent. Respect each other, and behave responsibly. Harassment is not tolerated. Everybody is welcome, so everybody should feel welcome. If a fellow ORBIT member leaves something, respect your peer’s property and leave it alone. Everyone should feel safe around ORBIT Lab, which also includes not feeling like you have to take your stuff with you everywhere.

Be open-minded, and practice saying yes! Be approachable, and help where you can. If all members, guests and staff are helpful to each other, the community will grow and learn faster. Generally: ORBIT Lab is a learning environment that will thrive much more if the users are friendly, happy and helpful!


Lab Access

When you become an ORBIT Lab member, you are granted access to the outer shell of the building, like most ASE students. In order to get access to the Labspace, you have to write a reason for why you need access to the Labspace, and what project(s) you will be working on. We also require that you stop by and have a chat with a Lab responsible about your project(s). The two labs called VR Lab and Product/MediaLab, are run by ORBIT Lab, and you are free to use them once you have participated in an introduction to the workflow of the rooms, safety details, and rules at the specific environment. When you have been granted access to one, or all, of the lab-spaces you are welcome to use it for all of your projects. If you want to use some specific materials/equipment for your projects, we ask that you run it by a lab responsible first, to ensure that the machinery/equipment can handle it.

All lab access will be granted by Community Manager Litte Dalsgaard (litte@ase.au.dk), with whom you will have to talk to about access to the other spaces around the lab. You will be granted access for a specific time period, which, to begin with, is a couple of months.


Equipment and Usage

ORBIT Lab has a wide variety of technology and equipment that can be borrowed through our online platform ORMS (ORBIT Resource Management System).

Access to ORMS is available through the ORBIT Lab webpage orbitlab.au.dk.

  • When borrowing a phone, tablet or computer the device will be connected to an ORBIT Admin account. Please do not sign out of this account. Instead, use the guest account.
  • During your loan period, you are responsible for all usage and all data. Please use the equipment respectfully and responsibly. If in doubt consult with the official GDPR from AU. studerende.au.dk/it-support/informationssikkerhed/databeskyttelse-gdpr/
  • Make sure to reset and delete all content on all borrowed equipment before returning.
  • Always leave the equipment in better shape than (or as a minimum in the same shape that) you found it.
  • Do not use equipment that you are not confident using – ask for help! Some spaces and equipment require an introductory session before you are granted access.
  • Own up to it if you break something. You will not be asked to replace/repair equipment based on accidents and honest mistakes. We need to know, so it can be fixed, or new equipment can be purchased.